Does your child experience any of these?

Does your child have any one or more of these features :-

  1. Low self-esteem,
  2. Depression,
  3. Isolation,
  4. Withdrawal
  5. Constantly feeling overwhelmed
  6. Extreme shyness or fear in groups
  7. Excessive fear of embarrassment
  8. Fear of separation from a loved one/clinging
  9. Withdrawal from touch
  10. Sleep and eating disorders
  11. Feeling stuck
  12. Elective mutism
  13. Phobias
  14. Low tolerance to stress
  15. Extreme fear of failure, perfectionism
  16. Aggressive or controlling behavior, craving attention
  17. Sleep disturbances, difficulty settling to sleep
  18. Shyness
  19. Easily triggered anger or emotional outbursts
  20. Poor balance and coordination or Poor stamina
  21. Poor digestion, tendency towards hypogly­cemia
  22. Weak immune system, asthma, allergies and infections
  23. Difficulty adapting to change
  24. Difficulty catching a ball
  25. Difficulties with vision, reading or writing
  26. Cycles of hyperactivity and extreme fatigue
  27. Easily distracted, difficulty filtering out extra­neous stimuli

If your answer is YES ,then you are at right place.
Such problems can be a result of any kind of impairment in the developmental sequence of the child.
These problems can be sorted out with the help of certain developmental postures and exercises in occupational therapy.

Contact Dr. JOLLY GUPTA JAIN (Consultant Occupational Therapist)
B.O.T.,M.O.T.(NEURO), Certified in “DEMENTIA CARE” by UTAS, WICKING Dementia Research and Education Center
for further information and occupational therapy treatment for your child, so that he/she can lead a stress free life free from all struggles to be enable to compete with his/her counterparts in this world of competition.
Contact 8447563723

Available at: NEURO CARE, 005, TOWER 9, PARAS TIEREA, SECTOR 137, NOIDA- 201301

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